The WEB conference promises to hit high notes


The International Women in Employment and Business (WEB) Conference slated for 1-2 March, is already creating excitement in St. Kitts and Nevis and across the region.  The 2-day conference, is being hosted by the Windsor University School of Medicine in Cayon on Friday March 1, and will be bringing a delegation of seven (7) professional women of Caribbean heritage from the UK.   These women are at the height of their careers and will be coming to share their expertise alongside an impressive roster of presenters from across St. Kitts and Nevis.

The list of local presenters include Mr Hensley Daniel, Public Policy Consultant and Former Deputy Premier of Nevis, Ms Patricia Walters, CEO of the Cable, Mr Faron Lawrence,  President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dr Tamu Browne, Entrepreneurship Coach, and Mrs Ingrid Charles-Gumbs, Former Director of Gender Affairs in St Kitts.

With the UN Gender Equality agenda in mind, the conference promises to have a unique focus on how both men and women can harmonise their efforts so that women can increase their capacity to take on leadership roles and responsibilities.   The workshops in the afternoon of March 1 cover a broad spectrum of pertinent issues.  Attendees can also sign up for coaching sessions with one of the women from the visiting delegation. The coaching sessions will take place on March 2.

The conference also promises a generative element with a special workshop for young men and women at the beginning of their professional career path led by award-winning social activist Peaches Cadogan co-Founder of the Womanhood Academy.

One of the organisers, Prof Jeune Guishard-Pine, OBE has run her own successful business for 18 years.  Prof Guishard-Pine said “Companies will be able to easily measure the progress that their staff make as an outcome of coming to the conference”.

The conference has received support from far afield. One of the sponsors is the St Kitts and Nevis Association of Atlanta.  Their President Denise Quinlan commented that “I am certain that the conference will be of great benefit to all who attend and an excellent forum for the presenters to share their wisdom that is born of experience, education and training.  Congratulations on the successful planning and preparation for this very important conference”.

Opening Remarks will be made by Her Excellency Dr Thelma Phillip-Browne, St Kitts-Nevis Ambassador to the United States of America.